In order to serve you better, we’ve gathered together a series of frequently asked questions, with the accompanying correct answers, which we hope you find helpful.

After Sale

All claims made under the warranty must be made with the dealer who sold you our product. We will gladly make any repair or replacement under the conditions of the warranty.

Contact the retailer from whom you made your purchase. He or she will be happy to help you check the status of your order.


We are proud to offer quality, affordable, Canadian-made furniture that is designed to give our customers years of comfort and beauty. That said, the exact life span for any of our products is dependent on the home environment.  A young family with children is likely to place more wear and tear than a single individual or an older couple without children. In the former, our products may last 7 – 10 years; whereas for the latter two situations, a life span well in excess of 10 years is entirely possible.

The accumulation of dust will cause the fabric to wear prematurely. To keep your furniture looking new longer, we recommend that you vacuum regularly using a soft brush and have it professionally cleaned once a year. For more information, read our section about product quality.


Our products are available at several furniture retailers; however, the selection may vary from one dealer to another. Please contact us directly for the dealer nearest you.

Meubles Bélisle does not sell directly to the consumer. We distribute our products to a carefully chosen network of retailers who are knowledgeable about our products and can offer informed advice to customers.

For the best service and the most accurate information on our products, we recommend that you contact the nearest local retailer carrying our products. At the retailer, you will be able to try out our furniture and receive information as to available options to customize your selection to best fit your décor.

With over 280 fabrics to choose from, Meubles Bélisle makes it possible to match your new furniture to your décor.